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4CCCCEES: Redefining style with innovations

In the fast-paced world of fashion, where trends change in the blink of an eye, one brand consistently stands out with its unique blend of creativity and innovation – 4CCCCEES.

"Footwear is the unique object that can change the mood, as well as the stride and posture, of the wearer. That's why focusing on the foot's anatomy, rhythm and movement, is so vital to footwear design,” says Sang-Min Park, founder of the brand 4CCCCEES.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London with a master's degree in shoe design, she worked for renowned fashion houses such as Alexandera McQueenand became the chief designer for United NudeStriving to combine comfort with high fashion aesthetics, Park founded 4CCCCEES in 2019. It brought a new dimension to the industry, pushing the boundaries of matter and form thanks to innovations in technology and material manipulation.

4CCCCEES have 4 basic principles:
Confidence | Comfort | Contemporary | Curiosity

The Four C's outline Sang-Min's personal mission to bring something new to the footwear market and showcase superior design through his work. Through her curiosity, she combined contemporary aesthetics with comfort, empowering and bringing confidence to those who wear them.

With a philosophy deeply rooted in pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, 4CCCCEES has carved a niche for itself as a new pioneer in the field of footwear design.

Arko Jungle sneakers feature a contemporary paneled design atop a thick foam rubber sole. Perforated leather panels are interwoven with a playful mix of materials, and the perforations provide freshness and breathability during the warmer seasons.


Garden color combination is perfect for those who like colorful outfits. Perforated pink leather is combined with green, yellow and blue details, and the white base provides cohesion and a feeling of airiness.


Ivory version was created for those who love white sneakers, but also the details on them. They are a combination of several shades of white, beige and gray. Elegant and distinguished appearance.


It is constructed in such a way that it allows movement in certain angles. Due to its design, the sole has a supportive yet flexible structure. Arko's foam rubber outsole has two layers, the softer upper part absorbs shock and the harder lower layer is for better grip and durability. The criss-cross bottom shape allows for improved flexibility by following the anatomy of the foot while providing stable support.

Tura Ori sneakers have a fun patchwork design that emphasizes the wild silhouette of the Tura sole. The padded tongue and heel provide ultimate comfort in these extremely light sneakers. Thanks to its popularity, Tura Ori comes with renewed color combinations this season.


Shadow is a reinterpretation of black sneakers, with white leather overlays and neon orange details.


Bone version mixes different shades of white, ecru and sand.


Silver is the life and soul of the party thanks to its silver leather details that contrast with deep blues, grays and whites.

Tura Faband are light and soft sneakers for everyday use. They are made of cotton canvas with a suede finish for better durability. The cotton is reinforced with a waterproof finish, and the design is enhanced with large eyelets and thick laces that showcase the brand's playful identity.
The combination of shades of white brings together a mixture of soft off-white tones to achieve the perfect white sneaker.


The combination of shades of white brings together a mixture of soft off-white tones to achieve the perfect white sneaker.


Despite its aggressive appearance, the tire-like profile mimics the curve of the foot's natural stance when walking, allowing for seamless movement.


These sneakers adapt to your feet thanks to ergonomic technology. The cushioned diamond-shaped sole offers additional support to the arch of the foot, providing an experience of maximum comfort combined with a modern design.

High quality

They have an ultra-light sole that makes the shoes comfortable. Although they are light, these sneakers absorb the impact of walking, which guarantees their durability.


The leather used for 4CCCCEES footwear has a tanning treatment that pollutes less than conventional tanning processes and as a result achieves a much better breathability of the leather. Leather suppliers are certified by the Leather Working Group, the largest leather sustainability program in the world.

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