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Eclipse stylish men's sneakers from Ambitous

Ambitious is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. By combining extensive knowledge and experience in the footwear industry, with the latest technology and updating trends, the result is unique and high-quality designs. Ambitious has its own production facilities located in the city of Guimarães , Portugal.

Eclipse – a timeless sneaker

One of the most popular styles of the brand Ambitious. This popular sneaker style is a trend that is being worn on the streets around the world. It is adorned with a genuine leather upper and interior and a slightly larger EVA sole. The minimalist design is rounded off with fine details such as a small metal plate behind the logo Ambitious, colorful laces and a prominent color on the end of tennis shoes. Ambitious combines various materials, colors and ideas and every season creates new interesting designs from completely white or black to combinations of two or more colors.

AW 2022

Autumn is the most favorite season of fashion, where warm colors and various minimalist accessories dominate. Ambitious chose classic black, brown and blue colors for the new season. There are also accessories in the form of refined lines, grainy leather and colorful laces. In Q Shoes you can find the following models of Eclipse tennis shoes: 12455-6553AM , 12500-6653AM , 10443A-4848AM.3 , 10820-6175AM.

Ambitous Eclipse Conac


Bestseller for autumn days, Eclipse sneakers in brown (cognac) color. Fine smooth skin on the outside and with a color that flows from lighter to darker. The Ambitous logo in gold on the bottom right and the metal plate give this model a refined style for everyone. You can combine them totally casually with cargo pants, a sweatshirt or a more serious version with darker jeans.

Ambitious Eclipse NAVY/KAKI COMBI


The blue-brown combination is totally cool. This completely new model with a slightly more unusual look and color combination will satisfy those who want to escape from the classic white and black sneakers. The EVA sole is a little darker in this model as well. They are made of genuine leather on the outside and inside, which shines from different viewing angles, which clearly speaks of the quality of these sneakers.

Ambitious Eclipse Black Combi

12500-6653AM i 10443A-4848AM.3

Black is always the most popular color. The Q Shoes offer has two new black Eclipse models! One all black and black with white EVA sole. If simplicity is what you need, then the model 12500-6653AM , all black will be your favorite. It is elevated by the metal plate with the Ambitious logo and the refined lines that follow the design of the shoes, which are reason enough to make them your choice. If you are a fan of completely white jeans, then this model is for you 10443A-4848AM.3 which is just what you need, a simple classic.

Ambitious Eclipse Slip on

12500-6653AM i 10443A-4848AM.3

For a simple fit, there are the new Eclipse Slip on sneakers with an elasticated front that replaces the laces, making it a practical and very cool choice. The whole style has become a trend and Ambitous sneakers in this edition will undoubtedly become a hit.


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