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How we use cookies

In order to improve the quality of our services at KOLEKS D.O.O. , we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored in an internet browser or hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or app. Some of the cookies we use are necessary for the normal functioning of the site, while others are used to collect information about the use of the site (statistics), so that we make it easier for you to search for the content and customize your page to your needs. 

Cookies remain stored in your internet browser or on your device for a certain period of time. Session cookies are deleted from your computer or mobile device when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer or mobile device until they are manually deleted or expired. 

When you visit our site, it can download and store data from your browser, usually in the form of cookies. This may include information about you, what you choose and search, as well as information about the digital device you're using. This information helps the site function properly. The information we collect about you is not used by us to identify you as an individual, but to provide you with a personalized experience on the Internet. Since we respect your privacy, you may refuse certain types of cookies, but blocking certain cookies can affect the quality of your experience when searching our site, as well as the quality of the services we provide.

There are different types of cookies: 

  • Session cookies contain data that is stored in temporary memory and then deleted after the session ends or the internet browser closes. 
  • Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer or mobile device until they are manually deleted or expired.
  • First-party cookies KOLEKS D.O.O. saved in your internet browser or on your device when you visit our site. 
  • Third-party cookies are used to collect data for advertising, display custom content and statistics, and are set by our partners while you search KOLEKS D.O.O. website (for example, thanks to third-party cookies, you can see ads for previously searched products). These cookies show users' search habits, but, in case you don't want your third-party cookies stored, they can be blocked through your internet browser by changing the settings on your computer.

Why do we use cookies?

With the help of cookies (and other technologies), we can tailor our site to your needs. We collect information about how you search our website through several types of cookies or data collectors. Here you can see what types of cookies we have and how we use the collected data: 

The necessary cookies are necessary for the normal functioning of the site and cannot be turned off in our systems. The necessary cookies help you search our site, log in, insert products into your shopping cart, edit language settings, display the correct version of the page for the device you use, confirm your information when you place an order and allow us to process the payment for your order. You can set your browser to block or alert you to these cookies, but in this case some parts of the site will not work. This type of cookie does not store any identifiable information

Efficiency cookies help us track visits and the source of traffic on our site, so we can measure and improve its effectiveness. With the help of them, we can determine which sites are the most unpopular and which are the most popular, and see how users navigate our site. All data collected by these cookies is analyzed as a set, so that it is anonymous. If you block these cookies, we won't know when you're using our site. 

Functional cookies help the site adapt to your needs and become more functional. They may be set up by us or by a third party whose services we use on our site. If you block these cookies, some of these services or even all of these services will not work properly. 

Security cookies help us detect fraud or other attempts to unlawfully access your data or our services. 

Advertising cookies can be set through our site or by our advertising partners who can use them to create profiles of your interests, so they can show you relevant ads on other sites. They don't store direct personal information, but they're based on identifying your browser and the device you're connecting to the Internet with. If you block these cookies, the ads you see will not be customized. 

Here you can find detailed information about our advertising partners and the cookies we use for advertising: 

Facebook – These are the Facebook custom ad targeting cookies that we use to advertise products that we estimate are relevant to you based on your earlier search of our site. This information is never linked to your profile and remains anonymous. Here you can read more and customize your Facebook settings: 

Google – These are the cookies we use to track the effectiveness of our advertising. Google DoubleClick places our ads on other pages based on your search history for our site and past contact with certain products. Here you can customize the ad settings you see through google browser:

In what situations can we share your cookies?

In some cases, we use partners to process personal data for advertising purposes. When we share your data, it will be used for the same purpose as we previously collected it. When we share your data outside eu/EEA countries, we do so in accordance with extremely strict conditions and treaties. 

What if I don't want you to keep storing my cookies? 

You can change your cookie settings at any time through your browser or mobile device settings. In addition, on our site you can change the cookie settings in the "Cookie Settings" window. Do not forget that necessary cookies are really necessary if you want to continue to have the possibility to use our website and other services.


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